Sugru Starts Smiles

Sugru Stops Sound Bar Hanger fr Gouging Wall Sugru starts smiles because no matter how much my life has changed being a Maker is always satisfying. I don’t have the same shop or living space, but the need to make hacks to improve everything is always present. One step in organizing my Living Room TV…… Continue reading Sugru Starts Smiles

12 Types of Trail Runners

Training is lonely. With a plan. Without a plan. Track Nights. Speed Workout. Tempo Runs. Long Slow Distance. Recovery Runs. Stair Workouts. Hill Repeats. Intervals. You do these often by yourself. Sometimes with a running buddy and conversations are then held under the cone of silence rules. Then there is the Group Run.  These are…… Continue reading 12 Types of Trail Runners

Hamstring Rehab

I like the idea of “listening to your body” but what happens if it is much better but still a sensation, not of pain, but of stiffness. Does one completely idle? Run hard until stiffness sets in? Try another run and see? Hmmm. Wait, going downhill I slowed up and tried for fluidity and no…… Continue reading Hamstring Rehab

Visualizing Fans

It is hot in the NW and going to get hotter. Understatement of the year, we are in a “Excessive Heat Warning” and while I am going to BBQ this afternoon on my little deck, I am not going for a bike ride or to ride my Zwift as it has no A/C and faces…… Continue reading Visualizing Fans

Mt Washington + Ollalie

I like telling stories. I always figured that telling stories was my way of processing information or events. Or maybe that stories were my way of remembering what it was that happened and focusing on portions of the occurrence. I have also heard that story telling is to allow others to get a handle on…… Continue reading Mt Washington + Ollalie