Visualizing Fans

It is hot in the NW and going to get hotter. Understatement of the year, we are in a “Excessive Heat Warning” and while I am going to BBQ this afternoon on my little deck, I am not going for a bike ride or to ride my Zwift as it has no A/C and faces the sun AND the heat just blasts of that pavement. Instead, if the temps dip I will go for a walk.

Where was I? The Zwift bike! I woke up earlier in the week and the condo hadn’t cooled. That is really not a suprise as there is no cross ventilation in my little place. It is affordable and I am fond of it, but a house and/or a more modern unit…well, it is not those things. As I lay in bed I kept hearing the fan going in the Living Room and recalled that last summer I had two fans….or did I? And created my own breeze or circle of air [n.b. I am still testing the entire strategy of which direction to point the fans and whether they should also be opposite or serial air flow] I simply couldn’t remember where the fan was located. I got up, it was the first day of summer, and even before breakfast I looked under the bed and then taking the storage unit key I looked in there.

It was so funny when I went out to the garage and opened the door and there, right in front of me, tilted to cool me while Zwifting, was the fan.

That reminds me that I really need to pick up miles more effectively this summer so I am ready for long rides. I took the eBike and came back with sore legs, neck and view that ride as a great success.

All the fan news and still practicing writing.

Good News

They don’t publish
the good news.
The good news is published
by us.
We have a special edition every moment,
and we need you to read it.
The good news is that you are alive,
and the linden tree is still there,
standing firm in the harsh Winter.
The good news is that you have wonderful eyes
to touch the blue sky.
The good news is that your child is there before you,
and your arms are available:
hugging is possible.
They only print what is wrong.
Look at each of our special editions.
We always offer the things that are not wrong.
We want you to benefit from them
and help protect them.
The dandelion is there by the sidewalk,
smiling its wondrous smile,
singing the song of eternity.
Listen! You have ears that can hear it.
Bow your head.
Listen to it.
Leave behind the world of sorrow
and preoccupation
and get free.
The latest good news
is that you can do it.

Thich Nhat Hanh


Youth worker and community leader Orland Bishop explains the meaning of the Zulu greeting Sawubona (“We see you”) as an invitation to a deep witnessing and presence. This greeting forms an agreement to affirm and investigate the mutual potential and obligation that is present in a given moment. At its deepest level, Orland explains, this “seeing” is essential to human freedom.

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Travel Pictures on Google Maps

I took a second and was demonstrating how much a picture makes a difference, and how easy it is to take a good picture that connects one with a business in the tone that a customer sees.  I improved the pictures of an absolutely great coffee place, Noble Coffee Roasting, in one of my Favorite cities: Ashland, OR.  In the end, the metrics demonstrate that it resonates with folks and shares what I feel about the location.

Your photos reached a new record on Google

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