Visualizing Fans

It is hot in the NW and going to get hotter. Understatement of the year, we are in a “Excessive Heat Warning” and while I am going to BBQ this afternoon on my little deck, I am not going for a bike ride or to ride my Zwift as it has no A/C and faces…… Continue reading Visualizing Fans

Good News

They don’t publishthe good news.The good news is publishedby us.We have a special edition every moment,and we need you to read it.The good news is that you are alive,and the linden tree is still there,standing firm in the harsh Winter.The good news is that you have wonderful eyesto touch the blue sky.The good news is…… Continue reading Good News

Sawubona Youth worker and community leader Orland Bishop explains the meaning of the Zulu greeting Sawubona (“We see you”) as an invitation to a deep witnessing and presence. This greeting forms an agreement to affirm and investigate the mutual potential and obligation that is present in a given moment. At its deepest level, Orland explains,…… Continue reading Sawubona

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