Visualizing Fans

It is hot in the NW and going to get hotter. Understatement of the year, we are in a “Excessive Heat Warning” and while I am going to BBQ this afternoon on my little deck, I am not going for a bike ride or to ride my Zwift as it has no A/C and faces the sun AND the heat just blasts of that pavement. Instead, if the temps dip I will go for a walk.

Where was I? The Zwift bike! I woke up earlier in the week and the condo hadn’t cooled. That is really not a suprise as there is no cross ventilation in my little place. It is affordable and I am fond of it, but a house and/or a more modern unit…well, it is not those things. As I lay in bed I kept hearing the fan going in the Living Room and recalled that last summer I had two fans….or did I? And created my own breeze or circle of air [n.b. I am still testing the entire strategy of which direction to point the fans and whether they should also be opposite or serial air flow] I simply couldn’t remember where the fan was located. I got up, it was the first day of summer, and even before breakfast I looked under the bed and then taking the storage unit key I looked in there.

It was so funny when I went out to the garage and opened the door and there, right in front of me, tilted to cool me while Zwifting, was the fan.

That reminds me that I really need to pick up miles more effectively this summer so I am ready for long rides. I took the eBike and came back with sore legs, neck and view that ride as a great success.

All the fan news and still practicing writing.

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