Replacement KitchenAid Mixer Feet



The official part number for the feet appears to be #WP9709707 and there is a replacement for this on Amazon. I don’t know if that is precisely the correct P/N for the feet I have OR if the correct one is to replace the rather solid looking alternate. The problem is that the feet are so old and so crumbly and caked with the dirt of decades of use that I can’t keep the counter top clean when they get wet at all.

After all the years of noticing the problem where the feet track and streak the counter, which I would wash and let the feet dry, I actually took a second and turned the machine over. Remembering that I fix things and that was where my career as a Maker began all those decades ago. Just taking things apart and finding out what didn’t work and putting them back together working as well as they can.

It came as no surprise that Amazon and even KitchenAid still had parts for these. The original design was built to be used and used and repaired and kept going. There is even replacement gears and other mechanisms to rebuild the inside and I do ponder fixing it so it is quiet and smooth again.

The outside is worn and aged looking (n.b. I edited out the word rust and yet in the picture I can easily spot it) at the edges and it has made countless batches of so many foods, pie dough, cookies, breads…I believe it came to me in 1980 and here 31 years later I am replacing the feet and taking the care of it that might well have been taken some years ago. Somethings give joy.

Marji provided the decal a few years ago

Some things will wear out, but the love that goes into this unit means that I will continue to repair it for as long as possible and then will move on as everything changes. For now it is enough to know that somewhere parts are on their way and for $7.21 I will have clean and usable feet again and the mixer will continue.

I like this whole process of seeing that I need to attend to things and doing so.

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