I saw this on DailyInfographic and was going to use it for a quick review of points. Then I notice on point #8 that I don’t agree with it, and then I noticed a few others and as always the lists aren’t much more than a massive set of ideas that can’t be processed or attacked in a reasonable fashion. Overwhelming. So I pick one and think about how I do that activity and if reviewing it makes sense.

My current microhabit change is to not read Email the hour after I get up in the morning. Hard and fast rule? Nope. But a start nonetheless. I am saying I am doing #17 and #10.

Forest Thinking

I note it is a thing to use a social media platform to express concern about how social media platforms and posting of events (running) has taken over just enjoying oneself.

Things that resonate with me this morning: The point on being drained brought this out of my stack of things to read, but what I am working on is #5:

“What do I need to do to get myself to where I’d like to be?”

I am a little put off about the short time frames, but as I approach the one year anniversary of the beginning of what turned out to be an unplanned year and change in life force … I am thinking about steps to take in the direction of where I want to go.

That leads me to outside, and the forest.

Unexplained phenomena: I find the most fun in the fact that part of my regular loop, the very first part, makes it super hard to get started. Other parts are just fun for familiarity. Why run a regular route. To make it easy on myself to take a small step in the direction I want to go and when I am more ready, I will run more unfamiliar trails and locations.

Reading: Home is a Mug of Coffee

I have spent many hours this summer working on my household coffee ritual. I have added a dosing funnel and learned to use a paper clip to remove hidden voids by stirring the freshly ground coffee in my portafilter.

Some steps forward I have made with the advice of Peter, some I have made on my own.

Some have been planned, and some, like relocating the entire coffee setup and adding a knock box, came about serendipitously as a result of other projects such as painting the cabinets.

It is odd that the coffee beans I am currently using are a bit dark and sometimes OK, and sometimes too much for me and through it all I get the sense I am moving along in a successful manner.

And so this article I ran across today resonated with me. I am similar to the author in that I find myself in my journal writing ” I never feel like I am doing enough” but more importantly, I know my journey is the same ” to learn to love each day”.

The author’s subtitle is “it takes a lot of percolating to become your own person” …


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Eating Healthy v Vitamins

I ran into recent prescription and treatment medications including a COVID OTC test which had trouble with my B Vitamins which were a fairly normal OTC combination. Nothing unusual or fancy. It did get me to thinking and I tossed out those and I am now running through the remainder of my D and C Vitamins and then going to focus on eating healthy.

So this outline from PamperedChef crossed my RSS reader and got me thinking: HERE

Sugru Starts Smiles

Sugru Stops Sound Bar Hanger fr Gouging Wall

Sugru starts smiles because no matter how much my life has changed being a Maker is always satisfying. I don’t have the same shop or living space, but the need to make hacks to improve everything is always present.

One step in organizing my Living Room TV mess was to install a generic sound bar hanger. It works great and like any maker it wasn’t long installing before it was determined that mounting the unit as described wasn’t the best method. It might have been the FKT for discarding instructions.

No matter whether one follow the direction or not, the end result left a small sharp end from the hanger which gouged the wall each time the unit was tilted, so every time the TV is used.

I purchased this pack of Sugru to mold my own bumpers to solve the problem. I absolutely appreciate Sugru.