I saw this on DailyInfographic and was going to use it for a quick review of points. Then I notice on point #8 that I don’t agree with it, and then I noticed a few others and as always the lists aren’t much more than a massive set of ideas that can’t be processed or attacked in a reasonable fashion. Overwhelming. So I pick one and think about how I do that activity and if reviewing it makes sense.

My current microhabit change is to not read Email the hour after I get up in the morning. Hard and fast rule? Nope. But a start nonetheless. I am saying I am doing #17 and #10.

Recommended TED Talk

I watched this one, which was languishing on my my “Read It Later” list. I can only assume it appeared when I needed to hear it most, could integrate it into my being the most. It may not be flashy, but damn, it is solid!