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  • Reading: Home is a Mug of Coffee

    I have spent many hours this summer working on my household coffee ritual. I have added a dosing funnel and learned to use a paper clip to remove hidden voids by stirring the freshly ground coffee in my portafilter. Some steps forward I have made with the advice of Peter, some I have made on…

  • Relive Yesterday’s Hike

    Relive ‘Birthday Hike’

  • Weldon Wagon Trail

    Bear was out in the woods and meadows today on the Weldon Wagon Trail.

  • PDX Coffee Outside

    PDX Coffee Outside



    Last Friday I went to my first PDX Coffee Outside Apparently, this is now catching on, this whole having coffee outside thing 🙂 Chill group Picture included if I figure out this new editor as well as Relive Relive ‘PDXCoffeeOutside’

  • Instant Coffee: Trying the “Best” from Wirecutter

    Wirecutter ran an article recently comparing instant coffees and while BearNakedCoffee has traveled with Starbucks Via Ready Brew Columbia for some time, this fall/winter I decided to try a new product.  I like the recommendations from Wirecutter and have found them to be sound, and read the “Why You Should Trust Us” section each time.…

  • Coffee @Summit Coyote Wall

    A recent trip up  and down Coyote Wall with the newest addition to the BNC approved travel coffee kit, my new GSI Halulite Tea Kettle, was really nice.  It was a teeny bit chilly at the top and the coffee was excellent.  Bring this kit along and make your own or take BNC with you…