Hamstring Rehab

I like the idea of “listening to your body” but what happens if it is much better but still a sensation, not of pain, but of stiffness. Does one completely idle? Run hard until stiffness sets in? Try another run and see? Hmmm. Wait, going downhill I slowed up and tried for fluidity and no…… Continue reading Hamstring Rehab

Mt Washington + Ollalie

I like telling stories. I always figured that telling stories was my way of processing information or events. Or maybe that stories were my way of remembering what it was that happened and focusing on portions of the occurrence. I have also heard that story telling is to allow others to get a handle on…… Continue reading Mt Washington + Ollalie


I am challenged by not moving as much inside a smaller space. Exacerbated by inclement weather. So I have begun going up and down external stairs to my new home for exercise. I am challenged by not having as much non-traditional movement during the day, bending and flexing. So I have begun squats and playing…… Continue reading Challenges

App of The Day: WunderWalk

Via LifeHacker: Wunderwalk creates walking tours based on a short set of interests or activities: looking for,  hungry for, thirsty for , or shopping for. There are many benefits to walking, like boosting your creativity and renewing your productivity. WunderWalk plans interesting and useful paths for you to walk along. You can also try out…… Continue reading App of The Day: WunderWalk