Save or Toss

I always run into the decision of whether to save or toss an item. Tools, especially ones that no longer give joy, or apparent service, are a real mind bender. I have carried a number with me through moves as sometimes it is hard to do a job without the tool at hand, and some…… Continue reading Save or Toss

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Paper Airplane Machine Gun

From PopSci: Sometimes, a person accomplishes something so great, so revolutionary, that all they can do is smile as wide as humanly possible and show off the thing. This paper airplane gun, crafted by a 3-D printing and paper airplane enthusiast, is such a device. Wordlessly, the operator fires a series of paper airplanes. Then,…… Continue reading Paper Airplane Machine Gun

Top Methods from the 2013 World Aeropress Championships

I am off to try these new recipes this weekend! These are the top 2 Aeropress methods from the 2013 World Aeropress Championships… Jeff Verellen’s winning recipe : 17 grams coffee ground 5.75 on the uber grinder, little courser than paper filter. Rinsed normal filter, aeropress in regular position. 50 grams of water at 83c…… Continue reading Top Methods from the 2013 World Aeropress Championships

Simpler Printing Using Google Cloud Print

From Google Chrome Blog Have you ever needed to print a boarding pass, whitepaper, or speech, and didn’t have your computer at hand? Google Cloud Print helps you print from anywhere to anywhere using any device, and we’ve recently made several improvements on that front. First, if you have an Android smartphone or tablet, we’ve…… Continue reading Simpler Printing Using Google Cloud Print