Save or Toss

I always run into the decision of whether to save or toss an item. Tools, especially ones that no longer give joy, or apparent service, are a real mind bender. I have carried a number with me through moves as sometimes it is hard to do a job without the tool at hand, and some carry sizeable investment costs, others…well, I am still making my mind up.

For example, I do have a 4×24 belt sander for floors and I might use it again; however, it has been 10 years, newer ones probably collect dust better and would serve me better if I went to redo floors, indeed, I may find a completely different toolset to use. It isn’t clear that keeping it in my space is worthwhile.

This square socket was in a silly set of “drivers” for portable drills that I must have picked up for something at one time. I saved them in order to wear the Phillips-head sockets out as I always need those. In addition, the set itself is small enough.

I used it today for the first time in a long time. I must have used it at one time, as I vaguely knew I had it. The handle and magnet on my rear sliding screen door needed adjusting as the screw had almost fallen out and the magnet no longer stuck without manually adjusting it. This is my only small square tool which matched up with the unusual screws used on this door. Having it saved me a trip to the hardware store and got the job done. Yes, the handle has been loose for a bit and I could not remember where this set was for the life of me, but perhaps that is more a workbench than a tool problem.

On the other hand I am ruminating about whether tools, like so many thing, can clutter up the mind and space and take away from a MAKER process. Perhaps I need to ponder what kind of putterer I have been, and what kind I will be in the future as that is always the most important question. To move thoughtfully forward.

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