Three New Bridges in Forest Park


Three new bridges are supposed to be opening in 2017 and I can’t wait.  Find more information at the Forest Park Conservancy web site here.

        • The Maple Trail bridge is 32 feet long. Construction began in early July and completion is scheduled for the end of September.
        • The Lower Macleay bridge is 78 feet long. Construction began in mid-June and scheduled for completion at the end of September. Lower Macleay Trail is the most popular trail in Forest Park and experiences thousands of users per year, making this bridge replacement project a top priority.
        • The Wildwood Trail bridge is 40 feet long. Construction has not yet started but is anticipated to begin early September and be completed by the end of October.
        • The new bridge design was a collaborative effort between PP&R, a community focus group, and the consulting design team: Environmental Science Associates (civil and environmental engineers), Fieldwork Design & Architecture (architects), and Grummel Engineering, LLC (structural engineers).
        • PP&R is planning a grand opening celebration for the new bridges. Watch for more details and other project information coming soon.

        Oru Foldable Kayak

        bay1_7c1990a3-7e98-467c-bc8d-9c66a22ae6c7_grandeThe original Oru Kayak, launched on Kickstarter and now in retailers around the world; it’s even the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We’ve thoroughly updated the design for 2017, making it even easier to assemble, more comfortable to use, and more graceful than ever. It’s stable enough for beginners, while the length and contouring make it fast and sporty for expert kayakers. There’s plenty of room to stash gear for day trips and short camping excursions. Best of all, transforming it from box to boat takes just a few minutes.

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