A Summer Where I Visit THREE of the World’s Top 11 Coffee Cities

According to Lifehack: World’s Top 11 Coffee Cities Every Coffee Lover Should Visit

I read this article on LifeHack and as I live in one of these cities I visited two more and tried the coffee shops listed here.  It at least gives one somewhere to start.  Now I have to try the rest of them both in my home town and around the world.

Here are 11 of the best cities for coffee across the globe:

Bucket Lists for 2014

From RedBull

Asking for a raise, traveling more, and dating more top 2014 bucket lists from men and women 25-49. What’s on your list? Only 12% give themselves a 100% chance of keeping their New Year’s resolutions, but just shy of half say they have a 76% or greater chance of keeping them. What will be your inspiration for setting/keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?