A Summer Where I Visit THREE of the World’s Top 11 Coffee Cities

According to Lifehack: World’s Top 11 Coffee Cities Every Coffee Lover Should Visit I read this article on LifeHack and as I live in one of these cities I visited two more and tried the coffee shops listed here.  It at least gives one somewhere to start.  Now I have to try the rest of […]

Ocean off Oregon Polluted With Coffee – SHOCKER

People aren’t the only ones getting a jolt from caffeine these days; in a new study published in Marine Pollution Bulletin, scientists found elevated concentrations of caffeine in the Pacific Ocean in areas off the coast of Oregon. Yes, the details include the percentage of metropolitan wastewater treatment centers vs. home (septic) treatment centers and […]

Coffee Brewing Principles

Coffee Brewing Principles is worth the watch, now does it count at Professional Development? The Video and the blurb: George Howell of George Howell Coffee gives coffee enthusiasts insight into the science behind achieving ideal extraction and flavor balance. Learn how water-to-coffee ratio differences contribute to a vast variance in coffee strength. George explains other […]