Maker Faire

An amazing list of project at Maker Faire where I went to volunteer last weekend.  I had a great time and worked hard.  I have a number of stories to tell from the faire and pix to upload and they will all come in a rush over the next week.  I would have been sooner, but it is the last week of the school year and I have projects to grade.

I did get an iPhone immediately before traveling down to Maker Faire and the Apps were a huge hit with my engineering partner and myself.  We used Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, Mail, Twitterrific, Pandora and more in the small and the big towns.

I installed a Case-Mate Screen Protector on my iPhone.  Good thing too, I left the phone on the roof of the car on the trip and when the phone landed it landed face down on the road.  Look at the Screen ProtectorDamaged Screen Protector.

But NO damage to the iPhone face at ALL!  These guys got the protection right.  I am sold.

I will post more on Maker Faire in a day or two.  Peter is home, so off to play in the shop.

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