How to Sharpen a Knife

Via MAKE Magazine.I am trying not to simply copy articles, that being said, I am ALWAYS looking at this one. Whether it’s used for cooking or precision woodworking, a knife is one tool you’ll want to keep sharp. Some tips: 1. Begin with a sharpening stone — a 1,000/6,000-grit combination is a good starter stone.…… Continue reading How to Sharpen a Knife

MakerFaire 2016

No, this isn’t going to be at MakerFaire, but it reminds me that it is the act of Making something and putting together divergent skills that provide a confluence from which a product emerges.  

DIY Doorbell Will Send Pictures Of Your Guests To Your Droid.

I found this project on TechCrunch written up by John Biggs.  Read the entire article on his website for all the related comments, articles and fun stuff.  I am simply saving it here to copy it to a maker I know with an Arduino. Say you’re a misanthrope and you’re afraid of humans. What to…… Continue reading DIY Doorbell Will Send Pictures Of Your Guests To Your Droid.

Maker Faire

An amazing list of project at Maker Faire where I went to volunteer last weekend.  I had a great time and worked hard.  I have a number of stories to tell from the faire and pix to upload and they will all come in a rush over the next week.  I would have been sooner,…… Continue reading Maker Faire