Replacing a Cracked iPhone 3G Screen

I recently obtained this wonderful iPhone 3G.  Well it will be when I Install a New iPhone 3G Display.  Then I will determine if I want to equip it as a pay as you go phone or just leave it as a nice iTouch or Strava tool for my bike.

Droid or iPhone?

Yes, I have them both.  Of course both are fine.  I use my Droid because I want to be like my son, or is it that I don’t use an iPhone to not be like my Dad.  From the Mercury News: New studies highlight app gap between Apple, Android: As Google and Apple continue their…… Continue reading Droid or iPhone?

Maker Faire

An amazing list of project at Maker Faire where I went to volunteer last weekend.  I had a great time and worked hard.  I have a number of stories to tell from the faire and pix to upload and they will all come in a rush over the next week.  I would have been sooner,…… Continue reading Maker Faire