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  • Honda Rider Assist

    Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

  • BNC Receives Coffee From Summer Adventure

    This summer I rode a motorcycle across the country for an adventure.  In addition to my Bear Naked Coffee team setup, I stopped for espresso everywhere they spelled it correctly. One of the nicer espresso pours and experiences was in  University City, MO at Blueprint Coffee. A delivery of Penrose v.7, their house blend, just…

  • Motorcycle Hand Signs

    I have no idea if any of these are real, or useful, I will have to think about them 🙂 Via: http://www.michaelpadway.com/riding-skills-and-safety/motorcycle-hand-signals-chart

  • Two Stroke Smoke Candle

    Two Stroke Smoke Candle Super awesome custom blended candle. It’s made with real live Blendzall Racing Castor 2 stroke oil with high-octane fragrance. We do ship worldwide!

  • A FreeCycle Gone Bad to the Bone

    I left my Shoei Helmet on the parking strip when I pushed my bike home from the neighbors house.  For those not familiar with Portland (and I assume many other cities and towns), something left on the curb indicates that it is available for FreeCycling.  So off it went to a new home in less…