Can Blu, a tiny Florida phone maker, beat Samsung?

Someone was reading The Verge and found this information on Blu and their new phones. What do you think?  Full article here. UPDATE:  Here is the Blu phone on Amazon One cheap, high-end, unlocked smartphone at a time By David Pierce DON’T MISS ANY STORIES FOLLOW THE VERGE   Sammy Ohev-Zion starts our chat with […]

Via Announces The APC 8750, A $50 Android PC

From MaximumPC while I ponder a DIY Build-Your-Own PC I saw this: If you’re getting sick of waiting for a slice of your very own Raspberry Pi mini-PC, fear not; the cavalry will soon be arriving thanks to an unexpected rival: Via, the longtime mobo makers. Yesterday, the company announced its Pi-like "APC 8750" board, […]

Keeping My Eyes on Republic Wireless

From The mobile networks in the US are designed to prevent new competition from entering the market. The US isn’t likely to see a new carrier to deliver a service that functions the same way that the current traditional carriers do. In order to succeed, a radical concept needs to be deployed. Republic Wireless […]