Top Methods from the 2013 World Aeropress Championships

I am off to try these new recipes this weekend!

These are the top 2 Aeropress methods from the 2013 World Aeropress Championships…


Jeff Verellen’s winning recipe :

17 grams coffee ground 5.75 on the uber grinder, little courser than paper filter.

Rinsed normal filter, aeropress in regular position.

50 grams of water at 83c for the bloom.
Bloom for 40s. Nicely wet all grounds and lightly agitate holding the aeropress and shaking it abit around.

Very slowly add 215 grams of water at 79c for about 30 sec

Press very gently for about 30 seconds.

Leave about 50 gram slurry in the press and discard.

Put the rest of the brew in the gob.

Extra tips for supreme brew:

Picking beans, lights out, heavies in. Too big and weird, also out.

Use a cocktail pitcher to grind in and charge up static electricity so light particles stick to the walls, try to discard them.


Wille Yli-Luoma’s 2nd place recipe :

17 grams of coffee
240 water right of boil
2 min steep with 3 stirs.

Traveling For Christmas

I used to travel a lot for Christmas Vacation, here and there, getting to see all the family.  When my children were small I stayed home more at Christmas to create a family memory and a shared bond of togetherness.  And now I am back to traveling again, here and there. released an Infographic summarizing the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Holidays and travels and with some of my family and my own children traveling this year, I took a look at it.


Shop ADX GIFTED for The Holidays



From the ADX Web Site:

Gifted is a local goods gathering, gift fair, and holiday party all rolled into one! This year, we’ve teamed up with Portland Made to present a marketplace that re-imagines what holiday shopping is all about.

We’ve collected wonderful local vendors so you can get all your holiday shopping done in one place without breaking the bank. This year, all goods sold at Gifted will be Portland Made so you can support local makers while getting everything you need for the holidays. Enjoy good music and holiday themed refreshments while you find the perfect local gifts for the people in your life. And when you get tired of shopping, take a turn in our photo booth or give your feet a rest in our cozy clubhouse.

Our approach to holiday shopping? Local, affordable, enjoyable!

Must Have AddOn for Firefox: Lightbeam


Install this into Mozilla Firefox and USE IT!  Read their note below.

As revelations about government surveillance continue to stun people around the world, I’m reminded of why I joined Mozilla three years ago as privacy and public policy lead.

In the midst of massive investments in tracking and mining of user data, here was a group of people fiercely committed to making individual control part of the Web. Today, Mozilla is still proudly non-profit, and we still believe privacy and security are fundamental principles of the Internet that cannot be ignored.

But we don’t just talk a good game, we build the tools that make a difference. And because you are a Mozilla supporter, I want you to be among the first to know about our latest free tool called Lightbeam for Firefox.

We built Lightbeam to shine a spotlight on online data tracking to help people understand the Web. After you download and install the Lightbeam add-on to Firefox, it creates a real-time visualization of the websites you visit and all the third parties active on those sites. As you browse from site to site you can watch the visualization grow. You can also share your Lightbeam data with Mozilla and better inform a global dialog on the prevalence of tracking.

We build tools like Lightbeam because we believe that everyone should understand and be in control of their user data and privacy. Privacy is what lets us trust that our laptops — and phones, apps and services — are truly ours and not working against us.

Like you, I believe that the Web and our privacy and security are worth fighting for. I joined Mozilla because I wanted to be a part of a community of people working to build the Web we need — and fighting to protect the Web we love. Join the fight! Together we can collectively pull back the curtains on the Web and shine a light on how we’re being tracked online.