Skype Problems

The other day I was having problems with Skype, the individual at the other end was having troubles with Google Hangouts and we finally got FaceTime to work, although they had difficulty finding the app, despite it ringing.

But it isn’t an individual problem, it occurs to all of us, all the time, so much so that Rob Cottingham hit the sweetspot of my thinking with this infographic.  I hope Rob actually puts creating this as a wheel to spin on Kickstarter, I know I would buy one as a desk toy.

Click on the image for all his useful tips including his quick troubleshooting guide to ensuring a crystal-clear Skype call:

  1. Make sure you aren’t using your Internet connection for anything demanding, like downloading large video files or sending a three-line email message.
  2. Don’t run your microwave oven during your call if you’re on WiFi. Maybe you should unplug it. You know what? Give it to someone who lives at least three kilometres away.
  3. Are you wearing anything metal? Take it off. Surgical implants? Dental fillings? A pacemaker? Lose ‘em.
  4. Write up a transcript of your side of the call beforehand, and send it to the other participants. Ask them to do the same. Hey! Now you don’t need to call. So easy!



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