Taking LinkedIn Seriously: Bootcamp

I started using LinkedIn pretty soon after its release and it was a sparse, actually empty, social network at that time.  It has come a long way, but my use of it hasn’t.  I adopted too early.  Following the rule of attending to one thing, and being reminded by a peer, I found the LinkedIn Bootcamp to see me on the way to realizing more out of LinkedIn and getting myself up-to-date.  No, all the information in the world I need is NOT on the Infographic, but I will find my way by simply updating a little and setting a ticker to update more in two weeks, and so on.  Major efforts are less rewarding and take larger time investments and I would not have this end up on a ToDo List.

Infographic: LinkedIn Bootcamp: Basic Training For The Personal Marketer

LinkedIn is the proverbial dark horse of social media: we all know it’s there, but few of us use it to its full potential. With just a little bit of effort you will see how the powerful social site can help you market yourself and your business far more than you imagined. With help from the LinkedIn guru himself, Lewis Howes, we have enrolled you in our basic LinkedIn boot camp training to give you the fundamental tools necessary to use the site for all your business and personal marketing needs.

LinkedIn Bootcamp Infographic
Infographic: LinkedIn Bootcamp: Basic Training For The Personal Marketer

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