Holiday Season Means Free Tech Support for The Relatives

Holiday time usually means a great deal of Tech Support for family and friends as well as colleagues at work.  So for my favorite work Tech Support person and in order to keep it straight myself, I have some ideas organized from my background as well as others around the internet.

Malwarebytes (MBAM)

One author’s favorite malware removal tool gets the first spot on the list because, well, it’s the first app they turn to when cleaning up troublesome computers. The free version of MBAM appears to work miracles.


ON new machines, with all the useless preinstalled programs, run PCDecrapifier


CCleaner is up to version 3.0 and a great way to clean up old and unneeded files, including Web browsers. is a great way, and brand new, to help users from remote when you aren’t there.  From LogMeInPC this is the easiest and fastest to use and I cured a family problem just this weekend with it.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Never walk away from a freshly-cleaned system without making sure it’s got a good, up-to-date antivirus / anti-malware application installed. MSE is my current favorite and works especially well on Windows 7 installations.

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