Reviews: Commands in Demand

Windows Explorer in Windows 95
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This week in utilities I am trying and find to be useful I have Commands in Demand from Vasilios Freeware.  This is available here on  While I notice the Quick Start key sequence is the same as AutoHotKey, resetting it to something useful is fairly easy.  I am to lazy and Launchy finds it rapidly enough for me.

• A collection of commands that may be needed instantly for a purpose.

• Commands in Demand provides non-technical users with easy access to more than 100 Windows commands and features that can be hard to find or time consuming to get to. The program includes shortcuts to terminate non-responsive applications, restart Windows Explorer, view/clear the clipboard, open a command prompt in a selected folder, access system folders, view TCP/IP configuration settings, etc.

• It has a selections menu (sections) according to were its commands are related. If a command is related with more than one section and in order to be less confused, you may find the same command buttons more than one times.

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