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CAREER TOOLBOX: 100+ Places to Find Jobs

Despite the current recession, there are plenty of companies in a variety of fields looking for qualified employees. Here are over 100 sites for job listings, resume reviews, networking and more.

Whether you’re in the tech world, a teacher, translator; in the United States or abroad, these sites will help you launch a modern day job hunt.

I have pulled out a few of my favorites, read the full article for all sorts of tools and more sites.

College Undergrads & Grads – Perfect for college students, this site offers job listings for summer and seasonal jobs at national parks and resorts. – The site helps you sign up as a mover, cleaner, lawn & garden helper or day laborer, then lets you post your availability and get hired by people in your area.

Educational – A site exclusively for in-home tutoring as opposed to online. – Site for instructors of specialties like music and many varied sports.  Helps you automatically book appointments and let people see when you have open slots in your calendar. – Allows you to list your tutoring abilities for any sort of subject from basic math to computer networking. – Site looks for more than just tutoring, but also assessments, evaluation, and mentoring. – Company providing lessons for all kinds of musical instruments and singing, looking for instructors in over 400 cities. – Site for teachers of all kinds of lessons from schoolwork to sports, music and more. -Allows parents to easily search for tutors around their area and compare them against one another, which makes it essential for the tutors to be competitive. – Site will help you with training and certification and then you can start taking on students. -A nationwide search enabling students and tutors to connect. – Site for helping tutors to find students from anywhere in the world while providing online classrooms for you to use.

Technical and Design Jobs – A job board from the well known 37signals that features listings for programmers, designers, executives and even iPhone app developers. – Companies looking for all kinds of designers, from full-time to freelance. – Site offering part-time, freelance, and contract job offerings for creative types in Web fields. – CoNotes specializes in jobs at Internet startups. – Designers can sign up to host portfolios of their work as well as browse job listings. – Allows you to search based on job title, skills or location for tech industry related jobs. – Specific to jobs in and around Silicon Valley for the tech set. -Elance features jobs from all different divisions of Web operations from design up to administration.

FreshWebJobs – Full-time and freelance web developer jobs. – Locate freelance jobs in just about every web technical field. – An Aggregator of startup listings from various sites around the Web. You can read a lengthier review of HotStartupJobs here on Mashable. – A job site for designers, administrators, and more. Jobs are clearly marked as full-time or freelance for easy browsing. – The jobs here focus primarily on design, but there are also some technical ones as well.

Jobpile – Aggregates jobs from numerous tech focused boards to let you search them all at once. – Color coded results show you which are jobs and which are gigs for design and development, features customized RSS feeds. – Helps the creative and technology communities with job listings throughout the US. – Allows you to build a profile to help you promote yourself and then you can bid on the tech jobs that get posted.

Mashable Jobs – Yes, our very own jobs board featuring social media, technical, and web-related jobs. – Aggregates web jobs from various sources to ease your browsing. – You can add multiple jobs to your “bucket” and apply to all of your saved ones. Focused primarily on California tech related jobs. – Offers numerous job listings as well as interviews with hundreds of people at startups telling you what their company is about, and what they look for in an employee. – Thousands of freelance jobs that are either hourly rate or fixed price in all sorts of technical fields from simple data entry to VoIP development. – Tries to match you with the “right” IT job by language processing instead of keywords. Also turns your resume into a live document so it can be indexed by search engines. – Focuses on coding jobs with a heavy concentration it seems on jobs in Canada. – Tech jobs browsable by full-time, part-time, freelance, or just do a search for the ones that interest you. – A free service where you can set up a profile about yourself and try to find the company that best matches you. – Allows you to search for startup jobs by occupation or job type. – Browse by job type at Web 2.0 and startup companies. – Not only does it allow you to search jobs by occupation and location, you can also see what stage of funding they are in. – Focuses on full-time and freelance positions for design, copywriting, marketing and more.

International – A UK based site that aids you in locating the best employment agency for your chosen work sector. – A UK-based job aggregator that gathers jobs from recruitment agencies, job boards and employers. Allows you to search based on location, upload your resume and more. – A site focusing on technical jobs all throughout Asia. – A worldwide classifieds site that allows you to look for part-time and full-time work in various industries. – A Canadian job site that attempts to index all of the job listings in the country. – Fuse Jobs focuses on entry level jobs in and around London, England. – A social network with the goal of connecting students and young professionals with employers around the globe for jobs and internships. – A site for job listings in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom. -A UK based job site aggregates ads from around the web. – Provides job searching for Canada, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. – Professional networking site for Canada. – Allows you to search for millions of jobs in places like Australia, Hong Kong, India and more. – Aggregates job listings from job boards, employers and agencies all across the UK. – Billed as Canada’s biggest job site, Workopolis has job listings for everything from entry level to full-time positions. – A job site based in the UK that lets you look for jobs, and if you find one a friend may be a good fit for, you can earn money for referring them.

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