Is Worth the Effort?

Is, the directory service worthwhile, compared to LinkedIn for networking?  I set myself up as I like the idea of a Virtual Business Card and I think it is valuable as a tool in that regard.  When it is all finished it looks close to my WiseStamp signature, but I can’t embed it in my blog, just link to it.  And I don’t like the idea that it only presents one view of me, even resumes highlight work experience differently.  So I remain neutral about this, having put it off until I could do it justice.

I set up my splash page and want to share it with you.

Places to Find Jobs


CAREER TOOLBOX: 100+ Places to Find Jobs

Despite the current recession, there are plenty of companies in a variety of fields looking for qualified employees. Here are over 100 sites for job listings, resume reviews, networking and more.

Whether you’re in the tech world, a teacher, translator; in the United States or abroad, these sites will help you launch a modern day job hunt.

I have pulled out a few of my favorites, read the full article for all sorts of tools and more sites.