Tag: Windows 7

  • New Windows Update Disk Cleanup Recovers MORE SPACE

    Microsoft released a Windows 7 update that adds a new option in the Disk Cleanup tool called Windows Update Cleanup. With it, you can free up several gigabytes of hard drive space from the Windows Updates folder. Windows Updates can be terrible space hogs. Windows saves every security update and hotfix—even if they’re superseded by…

  • CCleaner Update

    As an example of why one needs to keep up, I read about a recent update for CCleaner just as the update came onto my machine. From LifeHacker.com: CCleaner just updated to a new version with the added ability to clean up Windows’ cluttered right-click menu. CCleaner’s context menu editor is super easy to use:…

  • Their Best Windows Software and Mine

    On this page you will find the best 166 free Windows programs according to MakeUseOf for all your needs. They’ve taken the effort to categorize the apps and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you.  And they do a really great job at…

  • How I am Building a Low Effort Home Surveillance System With My PC



    I reviewed and installed Active WebCam.  Active WebCam would not communicate with my FTP server which is setup for sftp and is primarily a trial version of a purchased package despite all the labeling.  So it was out. I moved to the much simpler Secure Cam which I like a great deal better. Secure Cam…

  • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting



    I recently begain using inSSIDer 2 to troubleshoot WLAN networks, primarily because I am running Windows 7 on 64-bit machines and this one works very well with that.  MetaGeek has done a nice job and I suppose it was time I upgraded from NetStumbler.