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The broadcast on the TV is my Samsung Galaxy SIII with Jelly Bean on Verizon which now supports the All-Share Cast Dongle (or Hub) shown in this Video. 

So for $90 you can pick up one of these and using WiFi run your phone on the big screen.  Now if only I could work the P-I-P feature on the TV I might have something.

Apparently better to NOT purchase a Droid

I was talking with someone about purchasing a Droid last night.  I saw this today from Engadget about a huge jump in the ETF fee associated with smart phones from Verizon.  I think that just like their major competitor, they can’t handle the new phones and so would appear to be hoping to freeze the early adopters into not canceling, or make a lot of money from them when they do.  If they put this time and effort into the network, they would own the market.
Article is reprinted below for my storage, please go to the Engadget site and read the actual article, comments, and see any possible responses.