Travel Pictures on Google Maps

I took a second and was demonstrating how much a picture makes a difference, and how easy it is to take a good picture that connects one with a business in the tone that a customer sees.  I improved the pictures of an absolutely great coffee place, Noble Coffee Roasting, in one of my Favorite cities: Ashland, OR.  In the end, the metrics demonstrate that it resonates with folks and shares what I feel about the location.

Your photos reached a new record on Google

Your photos reached a new record on Google (1)

The Google Map Buddy

This tool, from Augmented Reality Software, allows you to do the following:

  • Capture your Google Maps offline and store them as images on your hard drive
  • Print out maps of entire cities at zoom levels that would take hours to put together with the current Google facility
Best of all, this tool is completely FREE!

If you have ever spent hours print screening your Google maps into Paint and stitching them together you NEED this program!