Bear Naked Coffee: Origin Story – Part II

We were heading up Dog Mountain 15 - 5

15 - 9When we realized that not everyone hiked, climbed, rode, cycled, kayaked carrying the essentials to make their adventure an Espresso Driven Adventure and Bear was sad.  So, so we began our business for Adventure Driven Espresso Making  Espresso Driven Adventure

IMG_5349Here I am at the top of a trail, thinking how great it would be if I could be surprised by an Espresso.

I was once.  On an Adventure while cycling the TransAm, the summer of 2010.  I had just reached the top of the Continental Divide when another cyclist waved me over and gave me a freshly brewed double shot.  He smiled as he had carried the gear all the way from Virginia and never used it, and felt I he had finally met someone who would appreciate the shot, and the sharing. We both agreed it was the best shot on an Adventure we could have.  I have carried nearly the same setup every adventure since.

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