Pulling the Plug-In on Java

imagesI have been reading a great deal of information on the threats and applications, the bad and the good on Java this summer.  What bothers me the most is that so many people end up with that silly extra tool installed which leads to issues all because some less bright marketing person decided that a critical component of the Internet should bring along a piece of junk in the payload. 

I finally read this simple Hack at ReadWriteWeb and have decided to pull the plug on Java on my primary browsers.  I will leave one browser with it running to access an application at my place of employment that defines antiquated.  The goal is simply to see if I survive without Java enabled in my browsers.  Should be interesting.

For nearly everyone, it’s time to dump Java. Once promising, it has outlived its usefulness in the browser, and has become a nightmare that delights cyber-criminals at the expense of computer users.

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