And should you be foolish enough to install Vista, it’s the cane for you:

And should you be foolish enough to install Vista, it’s the cane for you:
The votes of no-confidence in Windows Vista continue to roll in, the
latest coming from the agency in charge of giving tech advice to
British schools. In a report this week, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency urged schools not to deploy Vista except maybe in cases where the entire IT infrastructure is being redone — otherwise, it’s a hassle and a waste.
“We have not had sight of any evidence to support the argument that the
costs of upgrading to Vista in educational establishments would be
offset by appropriate benefit,” said the report. And Microsoft Office
2007? Same deal — “there remains no compelling case for deployment.”
Furthermore, the report warned, schools that do install the newest
Office should avoid using Microsoft’s OOXML (Office Open XML) document
format because of concerns about compatibility with other applications.

Upgrading Britain’s schools to Vista would cost an estimated
$350 million, said the agency — one third of which would go to
Microsoft, with the rest soaked up by deployment costs, testing and
hardware upgrades. Those upgrade costs don’t include the graphics
muscle to run Vista’s shiny Aero interface, but BECTA didn’t care
because “there was no significant benefit to schools and colleges in
running Aero.” So there you are — another set of quotes that will
never make it into a Microsoft press release.


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