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Which came from http://shrigley.blogspot.com/2007/08/10-things-to-write-in-your-notebook.html and leaves one with the impression that there is something to be done about journaling and what to put in a journal.

1) New words that I have learnt that day.

2) Mind maps of my goals for the week, month, year.

3) Creative writing such as poems and short stories.

4) Mental stresses and tensions that I notice I feel during the day, the thoughts I felt that caused those stresses and alternative more positive thoughts in order to reduce those stresses for the future.

5) Sketches to exercise the right side of the brain.

6) Reviews of movies, music or television etc.

7) Books I want to read in the future, movies I wish to see and music I wish to listen to etc.

8) General “dear diary” prose including my observations, thoughts and feelings relating to the day.

9) Any physical tensions and what may have caused them.

10)Ideas for my blog.

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