Cheap Network Accessible Storage

I was searching for a inexpensive way to add a great deal of storage to a network and a colleague sent me this design.  Thanks Robert.  The best part is that they are an open company as I am, so they provide all the details of the design for me to use and hope for a picture of the final unit just for grins.


135 Terabytes for $7384
It’s been over a year since Backblaze revealed the designs of our first generation(67 terabyte) storage pod. During that time, we’ve remained focused on our mission to provide an unlimited online backup service for $5 per month. To maintain profitability, we continue to avoid overpriced commercial solutions, and we now build the Backblaze Storage Pod 2.0: a 135-terabyte, 4U server for $7,384. It’s double the storage and twice the performance—at lower cost than the original.