Is Worth the Effort?

Is, the directory service worthwhile, compared to LinkedIn for networking?  I set myself up as I like the idea of a Virtual Business Card and I think it is valuable as a tool in that regard.  When it is all finished it looks close to my WiseStamp signature, but I can’t embed it in my blog, just link to it.  And I don’t like the idea that it only presents one view of me, even resumes highlight work experience differently.  So I remain neutral about this, having put it off until I could do it justice.

I set up my splash page and want to share it with you.

Netflix on Corporate Culture

I took the time to actually read this Netflix presentation.  I think they really captured the point about not transitioning to a process company when you grow.  I know as I moved to opportunities that rewarded effectiveness I always wanted to be the kind of employee that would be ready for this kind of company should I be lucky enough to join them.
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A nice article on the schedule of a MAKEr

Paul Graham has a nice explanation of the difference in time and schedules between makers and managers at  For those of us who have worked at large companies it is the explanation of why we always sound like we have plans (Dilbert) but never accomplish them.  One of the nuggets in the article is that the work we take on is close to our capacity and THEN the world chips away at our time, our success, and eventually our self-image or self-respect.  Please look at the article online at the source where there are so many more things to see as well.  I have a copy here only in the event that the article disappears.