A FreeCycle Gone Bad to the Bone

I left my Shoei Helmet on the parking strip when I pushed my bike home from the neighbors house.  For those not familiar with Portland (and I assume many other cities and towns), something left on the curb indicates that it is available for FreeCycling.  So off it went to a new home in less than the five minutes it took to slip out of my jacket, put the bike up on the stand and walk back to get it.  A new friend mentioned New Enough as his favorite place to get an economical but solid helmet and I am going to look into and pick one up.  I have the info from the site below.  I wonder who else has purchased from here?

Need new riding gear? New Enough is a dealer for many brands of apparel, boots, gloves, helmets and accessories: Joe Rocket, Alpinestars, FirstGear, Icon, Scorpion, Shoei, HJC, Power Trip, Cortech/Tour Master, Sidi, TCX, and Held. From these quality makers, we personally evaluate and hand pick products that provide the best mix of quality, fit, style and value. We frequently offer great prices on discontinued items since we have built a reputation with our sources as being a buyer of large quantities of closeout gear.

All apparel styles have been tried on by our staff and models in our shop and we present them to you with our personal impressions of their style, fit and function. We never present new apparel items with only scanned images and sales verbiage from our suppliers’ brochures. You’ll also know at a glance what sizes and styles are in stock as our inventory is displayed and is always up-to-date.