Repurposing Pallets into Garden Chairs



From this plan on Instructables I made a pair of Adirondack chairs for my garden area from pallets that were being disposed of at a nearby factory.  They were recycling the shredded wood, I simply repurposed the wood.


And then I used the scrap pieces for a celebration fire to “test” the chairs in use.

2016-07-31 04.00.17

And when I was completely done, I had enough left over screws and scraps to put together some sawhorses.  The tops of the sawhorses are repurposed scraps from a construction site disposing of them in the landfill dropbox.  They were but small scraps to them, and here they are pretty darn useful.

More useful if I had these before the project, but I wasn’t sure how much useable wood might be left over.


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