Food Trucks Are The Dining Scene

We hope you like dining at food trucks, because it looks like they’re here to stay. According to data released in this information-packed infographic by Column Five Media, there was a nearly unanimous agreement by those surveyed that food trucks are a staple in our dining scene. It’s no longer just fast food or sit down restaurants, food truck dining is another option.


Currently Working to Improve My Posture

I have been working to improve my posture as a result of a life of slouching as well changing to standing workstations.  I find that when I use good posture that breathing, especially while exercising, and working become easier.  The hard part is working on posture as it begins to work unused muscles and takes more effort than I had expected.

Then I found that not even what I thought was good posture practices were obvious from this Infographic.  It helped with some information about what to do and not do while at my desk.